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BOWLit Scoring

This is an advanced automatic scoring system that is ever increasing in popularity and is currently installed in six Countries.

It is our choice of preference and we as a Worldwide Bowling supply company have been using this system for several years now and we are most proud to be the UK's official distributor, installer and supplier of spare parts for this superb system.

Some of its many rich features include high quality 3D animated graphics with a seperate immersive 3D animated background, An extremely Powerful booking system with integrated on-line player "Check-in", easy to share social media and you can even watch real time tournaments or leagues as they are in progress from any where in the world and these are just a few of the terrific options available with this system.

One of the most recent additions is the "QR version" in which the Players simply scan the QR code that is displayed on the Bowlers terminal screen with their moblie phone, follow a couple of simple steps and the games are on the screens ready for the Bowlers to play and by this time the money has already been taken for the proprietor  / Center operator without the need of any staff inter-action at all.

This is a very welcome and much needed option for a lot of establishments.

There's also no need for coin mech's any more or the risk of the cashboxes being broken into. Those days are well and truly gone now thanks to this incredible development.

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