For Sale: Bowling "Packages"

"GIANT" Bowling Pins(s)


These items are a terrific way to attract attention to your business simply by the sheer size of them. They are certainly an eye catching product. We can "Brand" them if so required with your company logo and arrange for them to be delivered to your …

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Bowlers Seating Area Furniture

from £850.00 per Lane

We are able to supply handmade bespoke settees and chairs for the Bowlers areas. They are built from scratch and can be totally customised to suit your personal taste with regard to the shape and size as well the colour(s).

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AMF full front of house "package" Like New


This is a brand new looking AMF full front of house "Lane package" that includes the two full Lanes & Approaches with pindecks, Flat Gutters, Adapter Blocks, Masking Units & Supports, Durabowl gutters with illuminated automatic bumper rails along …

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Twelve AMF 82-90 XLi Pinspotters with Kickbacks

£1,500.00 each or £15,000.00 for the lot

Yes this is correct and what a great price it really is. These machines are all in good working order. The stated price is for the PURCHASE of the equipment only and for an additional fee the machines can be professionally de-installed and palletise…

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Ten Lane Antique 1950's Brunswick "Package"


The price is for the PURCHASE ONLY of all the Bowling related equipment. Everything is in working order. This is genuinely ideal for an "old style" Retro-look new build. we can arrange to professionally de-install this equipment and palletise …

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Four Lanes (used "as is") VGC Mini-Bowling


This is a complete altogether used "as is" condition working PACKAGE. The stated price is for the supply only with collection from our warehouses in Leicester. We can supply, deliver and Install and even upgrade if so required, for an additional …

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