For Sale: String Pinsetter Parts

"GIANT" Bowling Pins(s)


These items are a terrific way to attract attention to your business simply by the sheer size of them. They are certainly an eye catching product. We can "Brand" them if so required with your company logo and arrange for them to be delivered to your …

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Vollmer / Kebo Front & Rear drive shafts


These items are direct replacements for the Vollmer and Kebo style string pinsetter. They are chemically blackened so as to not only look great in appearance but also to massively inhibit and almost completely prevent any rusting.

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Square Drive transfer Block


This item is a direct replacement for the same part found in both the Vollmer and the Kebo style Ball Lifter Assembly. Each item is sold as an individual unit complete with two fitted bearings and the spacer. The Top Drive shaft is sold seperately …

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Top Drive Shaft (Ball Lifter)


This is the drive shaft that goes through the top square drive transfer block on Vollmer and Kebo style Ball Lifter assemblies. These item(s) have been "Chemically Blacked" in order to greatly prevent any rust developing and to offer protection against …

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Stand-Alone "Basic" Bowlers input terminal


This is the most simplest design to enter "players" and to start Bowling. The assembly can be secured to the floor in an appropriate favourable location. Just press the Blue button once to enter each player and begin Bowling. If you want to …

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Ball Lifter chain tightener


This item fits both Vollmer and Kebo Ball Lifter assemblies. It is used to tighten the chain so as to keep the optimum tension to prevent premature wearing of both the plastic and the metal associated parts. If the chain is too loose then not only …

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