For Sale: Miscellaneous Parts

Bespoke Players Input Terminal(s)


The price shown is the entry level starting price as this is purely an example of one of the many options we are able to provide for a totally unique concept that is specific to its own environment. In this particular case we have Modified a Vollmer / …

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Vollmer / Kebo Ball Collector Beds

£425.00 each

These Ball Collector BEDS are compatible with both the older Vollmer made and the newer style Kebo manufactured Ball Collector units. Please note that the stated price is for the Metal Powder coated steel Bed complete with the wooden guide rails …

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Vollmer / Kebo Ball Collector EXIT FLAP(s)

£78.00 each

These are the "improved version" of the Ball Exit safety flaps for Vollmer & Kebo style Ball Collector assemblies. They are very easy to fit and are a direct replacement for the original item(s) Please note that the two fixing pins are not …

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Genuine ANTIQUE Brunswick single division covers

£220.00 each

These are genuine original BRUNSWICK items dating back to early 1950's. These are perfect for anyone who is in need of art-deco that wants to give a brand new looking old syle appearance to their modern venue. These items are a real "Must Have" for …

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BOWLit Scoring


Bowlit is an advanced fully automatic and customisable scoring system that is ever increasing in popularity as it provides a modern addition to Bowling Centres both New and existing through its elegant design, stylish 3D animations and smart bowling lane(s) …

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