Galleries: Overlay Installations

A typical "Start to finish" overlay Installation

As time goes by there are only so many re-surfaces a wooden Lane and Approach can take and depending upon the amount use and re-surfaces a wooden Lane has then its expected lifespan is between thirty five & fifty years.

When the time comes to replace the Bowling surfaces there is no need to replace like for like with wood as there are several modern alternatives that come in the shape and form of Synthetic "Overlay" panels.

When replacing wooden surfaces with synthetic ones it is critically important that the surface on which the panels are installed is totally flat and free from any dips, or depression.

Generally when installing synthetic panels on old wooden Lanes it is necessary to replace the "Head Area" as this is where the most impact has been sustained and as each resurface concentrates on this area therefore it has a lot more sanding than elsewhere on the Lane and therefore it is almost every instance that this particular area of the Lane is required to be replaced with a totally flat material such as a double layer thickness of up to 50mm comprising of two layers of 25mm MDF boards.

The following photos explain this procedure in great detail.

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Replacement Approach Panels

This is a typical worn out synthetic approach scenario where we replaced all of the panels with new synthetics & transformed the whole area.

We also supplied and installed the Chasing LED modules running up & down the Lanes on top of the division cappings.

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