Galleries: Free-fall Installation

8 Lanes of Brunswick "used as is" New Installation

This is proof again that a second hand used, pre-owned "Package" can go back together as good as it was when it was first installed, if not better than it was originally.

This is what we specialise in, we do it right and we do it well.

The attention to detail is never overlooked and the end result is always very "STRIKING".

Our customers have never been disappointed with the savings that they've easily made by choosing this "used" option as opposed to a new package, especially when the finished article does look like it is all new. 

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Three Lanes (Private Club)

This was a reduced space exercise in which we were required to install three full-Size Lanes in an area that was simply not long enough so we used our imagination, ingenuity, skill and experience to install the three Lanes into the space that was available.

This is a pre-owned, used "as-is" type package with a certain amount of "front of house" equipment being fully refurbished such as the Ball Return Hoods & Trays and the Scorer console assemblies.

This was a great value lower-end package that did the job for the right price.

We supplied and installed everything Bowling related on this project.

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