About Imply

Since their establishment in 2003, Imply® have been shaping the future on a daily basis.

They develop technologies for Information and Entertainment systems through intelligent solutions that adapt quickly to the needs of a wide variety of customers around the world.

With this inspiration and focus in mind, they are a highly qualified and committed organisation of over 200 employees. The strength of their Research & Development team allows them to think of and develop creative ideas.

Then with this added to the ISO9001 certification it directly enhances Imply® for its unique quality.

This is why Imply® is synonymous with innovation & current marketplace technology that leaves its competitors behind.

The fact that there are now already over three thousand imply Lanes installed around the world can only strengthen and enhance the company’s ability to thrive and lead the way forward into the future of Bowling.

Imply® is a Brazilian company which is continuing to strengthen its presence in the global technologies market.

Besides having an international network of Distributors, Imply® is already present in over 50 countries within 5 continents including the USA.

In Brazil, Imply® is renowned for its cutting-edge products and services in all states. The competence and innovative spirit to develop such quality products and services are part of the Imply® trajectory. This path of entrepreneurship has been recognized with several awards, such as the 40th Export Award – Market Highlight 2012 (ADVB / RS), 39th Export Award - Global Advancement 2011 (ADVB / RS), Technological Development Highlight 2011 (Gazeta and Rotary Club Santa Cruz do Sul), and Innovation Highlight Award 2010 (BRDE), also among many others.

The Imply® Technological Park is located in a total area of almost two Million square feet (or 180 thousand square meters), and boasts a construction area of over 95 thousand square feet (9 thousand sq. meters). Located in the center of Rio Grande do Sul state, the company itself is in one of the most prosperous regions in Brazil.

The manufacturing plant consists of several integrated departments: Hardware and Software Factory, Electronics, Mechanics, with Machining Centers with CNC (Computer Numerical Control) for cutting wood and metal, plastic injection, powder coating facilities, plotter printer, bar code stock control system, among many other innovations that add even more quality and technology to their production line.

In addition to this they also have a branch in Sao Paulo, strategically located in the largest metropolis in South America.

Complete Bowling Services Limited is the only company within the UK to be officially appointed as the supplier and installer of imply bowling products and capital equipment from their huge manufacturing and warehousing facility located in Santa Cruz, Brazil.

Complete Bowling Services Limited carry a large inventory of imply capital equiptment and spare parts in our warehouses, for rapid supply in the UK and to Europe.