For Sale: Capital Equipment

Vollmer Pinsetter(s)

£1,250.00 to £2,000.00

We have at present somewhat of a really good selection of almost new and some very good condition very used Vollmer string Pinsetters. The price shown is for the "Really Good" looking ones and the price for the slightly older ones are £1,250.00 The …

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SPELLMANN Mini-Bowling string pinsetters


Very Good condition used mini-Bowling Machines. These are COMPLETE whole units. The stated price is for the machine and all associated "Back-End" related equipment such as Kickbacks, Pits, Controls ete, etc, etc. The Lanes and gutters and track etc …

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Funk / Spellmann String Pinsetters


These are very Good condition used string Pinsetters. They are the three-Phase type and can be used for either Full-Size or Mini-Bowling establishments - or they can simply be purchased to break for spares. The stated price is per machine and is for …

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Brunswick GS-96 Pinsetters


These machines have been reasonably looked after and have been removed from a working centre. They will be ideal for upgrading from an earlier model Pinsetter, using as an addition to an already existing Bowling centre, or even used to save money for anyone …

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