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"String" Pinsetters
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Personalise your Lanes
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Home Bowling (Cafe Style)
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Imply Pinsetters
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Mainstream "Full-Size"
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New & Used "Mix 'n' Match"
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Re-Co Pin (Limited Stock Available)
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Imply "Full-Size" Bowling
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New Lanes & Approaches
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Freefall to String "changeover"
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Home Bowling (Full Size)
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"Glow" Bowling Lanes
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We are a Bowling supply company offering capital equipment and specialist services for the installation, maintenance, modernisation, upgrading, corrective repairs & servicing of ten-pin bowling equipment. 

We are a proud and very well established owner operated Tenpin Bowling supply company with a highly satisfied customer database that has grown bigger and better over the last three decades.

Our customers around the world have benefitted from our wealth of knowledge, expertise, skills and experience that has been gained throughout our numerous years of experience within the tenpin bowling industry.

You can be assured that with over forty years of hands-on experience we more than qualify to undertake and manage your project(s) and answer any queries that you may have and we are always happy to do so.

We will happily answer any of your questions so please do contact us so that we can be aware of your exact requirements. We will then endeavour to reply to you as quickly as possible.

Should you require immediate information or assistance please do call us, day or night we're here.

Another valid and very important fact to be aware of is we are very proud to have several COMPLIANCE accreditations that are pre-qualification endorsements to prove our company meets with contractor Health & Safety requirements and that due diligence has not only been met, but also exceeds the minimum stated requirements by Law and in addition to this our company standards reach the more advanced professional level of complying to PAS91 which is developed by the British Standards Institute, commissioned by the Government and is a recommended common minimum standard for construction procurement.

The accreditations we have should be reassuring to new enquiries and existing customers alike as they not only confirm we are finacially stable and have a great trading history, but also that our company accounts are in order and have been verified by HMRC and that we are suitably qualified contactors and because we have the higher levels of accreditation you can be sure that when that is combined with our abilities you can trust our company to safely and efficiently complete the required tasks of a project without compromising the health, safety, compliance or contradicting our own policies meaning that you're in very capable and safe hands and can rely on us for a complete "Turnkey" operation from start to finish.

              ******** Please do take this into account when you are choosing your Bowling Supply Company ********


We supply, install and maintain and upgrade:

  • Ten Pin Bowling
    Mainstream and/or other
  • Mini Bowling
    Room for fun in smaller spaces
  • String Bowling
    The modern way forward
  • Bespoke Home Bowling
    We'll make your house very proud

We can repair & maintain your existing equipment, as well as supplying parts and providing upgrades.

Spare Parts

We carry a huge selection of used Bowling Center "Packages", Freefall and String Pinsetters, spare parts for a variety of different types of Bowling machinery and "House" drilled Bowling Balls.

Pin Refurbishment

We can refurbish your tired pins back to their former glory with our cost-effective bowling pin re-coating service.

****Please note that this is now a limited availability as stocks are running very low and it is no longer an economically viable option to continue to offer this service****