For Sale: Bowling Balls

Large Scale Balls & Pins

£235.00 - £450.00

These "Larger than Life" decorative items are an attractive eye catching feature that will compliment any venue. The Pins are 1.5 metres tall and the Balls are 75cm across. The Half Ball is £235.00. The Half Pin is £275.00 and the Full Pin is …

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Ten-Pin Bowling Balls

£34.95 each

We have a large selection of already drilled bright coloured house bowling balls, with many different weights ready to despatch. Small, medium & large size holes are available for each weight. Please do  contact us  for further information & …

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Mini-Bowling Balls

£40.00 each

We have many new and used mini-bowling balls ready for immediate dispatch. Various colours and designs are available. Used mini-bowling balls are half the cost of new ones. The stated price is for five or more new balls. Up to four balls the …

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