For Sale: Bowling Machines & Parts

Vollmer / Kebo Front & Rear drive shafts


These items are direct replacements for the Vollmer and Kebo style string pinsetter. They are chemically blackened so as to not only look great in appearance but also to massively inhibit and almost completely prevent any rusting.

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Twelve AMF 82-90 XLi Pinspotters with Kickbacks

£1,500.00 each or £15,000.00 for the lot

Yes this is correct and what a great price it really is. These machines are all in good working order. The stated price is for the PURCHASE of the equipment only and for an additional fee the machines can be professionally de-installed and palletise…

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Brunswick GSX "Tower-downs"

£1,150.00 each

This price is per machine and is for the Pinsetter, Pit Area and Pin Elevator. These Pinsetters have already been professionaly De-Installed and are packed and wrapped and are palletised ready to go. There are no Control Boxes, Kickbacks or …

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Ball Lifter chain tightener


This item fits both Vollmer and Kebo Ball Lifter assemblies. It is used to tighten the chain so as to keep the optimum tension to prevent premature wearing of both the plastic and the metal associated parts. If the chain is too loose then not only …

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Brunswick GS-96 Pinsetters


These machines have been reasonably looked after and have been removed from a working centre. They will be ideal for upgrading from an earlier model Pinsetter, using as an addition to an already existing Bowling centre, or even used to save money for anyone …

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